Italian chefs and journalists recently visited Gozo to explore food tastes and traditions in a project coordinated by Victoria council and the Teatro Arena del Sole of Bologna, in collaboration with the GozoMinistry and the Malta Tourism Authority.

The group visited Magro Foods, David’s Bakery and the Institute of Tourism Studies, where the Italian chefs gave a demostration to the students. The material and experience gained will be used in theSerata di Gola in Bologna during the month of July.

For the past 10 years, chefs from Bologna and Emilia Romagna, together with Italian journalists, in collaboration with the Arena del Sole, have been visiting different countries to experience first-hand food information.

The experience gained from these visits will then be used by chefs during a gala dinner after each theatrical performance at Arena del Sole.

This year, chefs will work on dishes that include Bologna and Gozitan produce.

Each evening will be reserved for a different chef who will give his own interpretation to a particular dish.

The group travelled from Bologna to Malta in Porsches.