It’s no breaking news: Malta has a traffic problem, with a high rate of car ownership, roads which cannot take the pressure, and few alternative modes of transport.

However, it all depends what car you drive. The Renault Twingo gives you the opportunity to ease some of the traffic jam frustration we face every day.

The Twingo is a small vehicle giving drivers the option of an easy and comfortable drive, fun looks and economy thanks to an efficient engine. This is an ideal car for university students or anyone who needs a small daily runaround which is nippy and can be parked almost anywhere.

The Twingo shares its mechanical underpinnings with the Smart Forfour, but looks completely different, with a retro design that utilises stubby bumpers and a bubble shaped cabin. As a result, the Twingo stands out from the city car crowd and looks distinctive at the traffic lights, especially when upgraded with Renault’s huge range of personalisation packs.

The Twingo stands out from the city car crowd

The cabin of this car is practical and colourful, with an abundance of hardwearing plastics and brightly coloured trims. The rear-engine layout frees up interior space, which means the Twingo can easily accommodate four adults, while all three passenger seats can be flattened to provide a flat 980-litre load area.

Behind the wheel, the Twingo is comfortable, with very good visibility, practical seat adjustments and lots of head and shoulder space for this size of car. Leg space for the front passengers is fine but is a little limited at the back as expected.

The dashboard is user friendly and the Twingo also gets a decent amount of equipment, as standard, with electric heated mirrors, DAB radio and Bluetooth. The driver’s seating position is commanding and the driver has clear and unobstructed visibility all-round.

On the open road the Twingo doesn’t have the performance of a sports car but it is quick on the go. The gear shift is smooth and offers a comfortable change from one gear to another. Braking is effective and efficient so safety is given all the necessary importance by Renault.

The small and likeable Twingo is a breath of fresh air to the city car scene and we think its retro styling and colourful cabin will find plenty of appeal with younger drivers.

What’s more, with a high seating position and five-doors with easy access, older drivers will also find the Twingo to be a comfortable urban option.


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