Grace Ann Cachia, Sliema, writes:

Aunt Jean is now resting in the eternal comfort of her Maker – this being a fitting reward for her exemplary life.

Let us not dwell on her profound and intimate relationship with her Creator, for this is too personal. We can, however, and indeed should, pay respect to this dear lady for having enriched us with her good deeds, gentle attitude and dedication, us being family, friends and the many hundreds of students she helped educate during her long career as a teacher.

Aunt Jean was hard-working, focused, unassuming, generous, learned, clear-minded and much more. She humbly went about her duties from dawn to dusk with no job or task being too daunting or trivial. Apart from all the foregoing, she was blessed with a positive attitude. Additionally, the extent of her altruism shone up to the very end.

Possibly, however, her greatest asset was her ability to effortlessly win you over in an uncommon and inexplicable manner.

Dear Aunt Jean, you will continue to be with us for long even though your physical presence is no more. Your rare and fine sensibilities will continue to guide us long and far. Thank you.


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