A few days ago I drove my wife to Marsascala for a swim. As she swam, as usual I scanned the boats in the creek, admiring their designs.

Then I noticed that one large cruiser had lost its anchor and was quickly drifting out to the open sea.

I pointed out for all to hear that the cruiser was adrift and the man sitting next to me alread had his mobile in hand to call emergency services. He did not know where to phone and I quickly suggested 112.

I remember that number for one plus one equals two. The man smiled at my method of remembering the emergency number, which he dialled. The lady informed him that someone else had already reported the drifting cruiser.

Some swimmers nearby jumped in to try and reach the cruiser.

I was quite surprised when, after only 15 minutes, coming at speed into the creek was patrol boat P23. It stopped beside the cruiser which, by now, some men were trying hard to hold considering the windy conditions.

Even though the cruiser seemed to be close to the light swimmer-boundary line, the crew members launched their inflatable dinghy and approached the cruiser that was now in the hands of the owner who had been summoned.

The cruiser made its way into the creek with the army dinghy following and accompanying it all the way to safety , never letting it out of sight till all on board were ashore.

As the dinghy was returning to its mother ship, with mission accomplished, I shouted “Thank you army” but the crew never heard me.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew of P23 and those who assisted.


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