Kiehl’s Since 1851, the New York City-based apothecary and crea­tor of fine quality skin and hair care, opened its doors in Valletta last December.

Kiehl’s old-world, customer-centric heritage has been at the heart of every product and service debut over the company’s 162-year history – from ingredient research and formula safety testing to localised store decors – all of which are tailored to the particular needs of patrons in their local communities.

One goal is always a priority: to serve patrons in an attentive, educational environment that offers the company’s tried-and-true skin care products enjoyed by customers the world over.

As with all of Kiehl’s stores, the old-world apothecary aesthetic is infused with modern elements that reflect both the surrounding community and are a nod to the company’s New York roots in the city’s East Village neighbourhood.

Upon entering the unique space, visitors are instantly immersed in the company’s long history and eccentric character: hints of the Kiehl’s heritage are everywhere, including photographs of the original New York flagship, Kiehl’s founding family and company-sponsored adventures. Historic elements surprise and delight visitors, including an iconic vintage motorcycle and Kiehl’s famed “Mr. Bones” skeleton. No two Kiehl’s stores are exactly alike, yet each exudes Kiehl’s rich apothecary tradition.

Kiehl’s Valletta store location will bring the spirit of the original New York City-based apothecary to the community in a retail environment, which measures 20 square metres and offers personalised skincare consultations.

“We are so delighted to have this opportunity to serve the Malta community in a new Kiehl’s store environment. At Kiehl’s, we strive to offer our beloved skincare products through the most attentive and personal service possible, a reflection of our longstanding apothecary heritage,” said Cheryl Vitali, Kiehl’s worldwide general manager.

With a decades-old commitment to local communities, Kiehl’s focuses its philanthropic endeavours on three key causes: HIV/AIDS research, children’s causes and the environment.

Along with its unique store environments, Kiehl’s Since 1851 remains true to its heritage by offering unsurpassed customer service at each of its store locations worldwide. Every Kiehl’s customer representative is proficient in the company’s service techniques and educated not only in formula ingredients but, in tandem with the company’s pharmaceutical traditions, possesses the knowledge to prescribe specific treatments and product regimens that offer customers solutions tailored for their individual skin and hair needs.

In addition, as with all Kiehl’s stores, the new Valletta location continues Kiehl’s unique ‘try before you buy’ sampling initiative, initially conceptualised more than 92 years ago at the original flagship store, as well as its long-standing money-back guarantee and hassle-free return policy. These initiatives have set Kiehl’s apart from its competitors in the marketplace and have long characterized the company in the eyes of its most loyal fans.

“At Kiehl’s, we are confident in the efficacy of our formulas and in our commitment to offer customers regimens tailored for their specific needs. Our generous sampling programme is a reflection of our long-standing apothecary heritage – and long ago set the service bar in the industry. Our mission is to serve our customers’ individual needs and these initiatives have stood the test of time over decades of service,” Ms Vitali added.

Chemimart Group’s chairman, Reginald Fava, said that the company’s collaboration with a world-renowned brand like Kiehl’s signalled yet another cornerstone for its many achievements and that the opening of this outlet coincided with Valletta being the European Capital of Culture 2018.

(Content provided by Chemimart Ltd)