Kitchens are no longer simply a space for cooking. How important are kitchens in a modern home?

Nowadays we frequently refer to the kitchen as the living room as all main activities are carried out in this important room. The kitchen is the heart of every home. With today’s modern lifestyle, a kitchen has become a gathering point and a living space for theentire family.

Apart from having a fully functional and practical kitchen, a lot of focus is given to ensure that the space is planned well to cater for all the needs of a family.

All main international kitchen suppliers, including Veneta Cucine, noticed this change over the years and in fact, they now also produce furniture for living areas so that the kitchen can be an extension of the living room.

Buying a kitchen is an important investment

How do your kitchens cater for a family’s cooking, entertaining and relaxing needs?

The flexibility of our products together with our talented and professional design team enable our clients to achieve a functional kitchen no matter the space available.

The relationship between our clients and our design team is important so that we can understand their lifestyle and capture all their needs in one space.

We appreciate the fact that buying a kitchen is an important investment for our clients, so we go out of our way to make sure that what they are buying is what they really need.

We also organise site visits to make sure that we explain in detail what the clients are purchasing: these visits are carried out by our expert team of designers who have been in the kitchen business for years.

How do you assist your clients in choosing the best kitchen that suits their lifestyle?

Our consultants at all our showrooms are trained to understand what our clients want exactly by asking the right questions and understanding their lifestyle.

The good thing about our service is that customers are getting a professional design aid at no extra cost as our main interest is that we supply an excellent product which adds style and comfort to our clients’ home.

Light is very important in a kitchen. How do your kitchens make the best use of light?

The most common mistake people make is trying to light up their entire kitchen with just one light fitting centred from the ceiling: this ends up being a glare bomb visually overpowering everything in the kitchen space.

The most effective lighting for the kitchen involves four sections combined together: task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. In this way, our designers obtain a warm and inviting environment that works with other design elements to create a practical workspace and a lively entertainment area.

Do you cater for both modern and classic tastes?

We are very lucky to represent a brand like Veneta Cucine. We can offer our clients a modern, contemporary or a classical design with prices that vary from budget kitchens to high-end fully automated ultra-modern glass kitchens. It’s not easy to find a brand so versatile with such a vast product range.

What brands are included in your kitchen portfolio and what are the main strengths of these brands?

Next year, we are celebrating 80 years of trading and in these years, we earned a reputation for producing high-quality solid kitchens. Therefore, it wasn’t an easy task in 2001 when we stopped our local production to find a suitable replacement for our very own production.

With some good market research we built a solid business relationship with Veneta Cucine: 13 years later, we also represent this multinational brand in various countries in North Africa.

We have also secured an excellent business relationship with several other brands that cater for the kitchen business. These include Foster, producer of high quality appliances, sinks and mixers, DuPont Corian from which we fabricate the famous corian seamless kitchen tops, and Cattelan Italia, for some really cool and stylish tables and chairs. Fino also caters for the supply of light fittings through our main lighting suppliers: Prolicht, Vistosi and Marset.

Due to the high quality of our products and the impeccable service that we offer, most people have a perceived impression that we are out of their reach and that our prices are too expensive.

This is absolutely not true: our products are very affordable and we also guarantee that if anyone finds our same products from other outlets at a cheaper price, we will match and even beat that price.

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