Philippe MalgouyresPhilippe Malgouyres

The chief curator of the Department of Art Objects at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Philippe Malgouyres, will be exploring and explaining the significance and the prestige of De Valette’s sword and dagger during a lecture called ‘Jean de Valette: His Sword and Dagger’ hosted by Heritage Malta at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Malgouyres is in charge of bronzes, ivories, hard stones, arms and armour (15-18th centuries) at the Louvre Museum. He is a former boarder of the French Academy in Rome (Villa Medici) and specialises in Italian and Spanish art, mainly sculpture, decorative art, religious anthropology and devotional practices.

He authored various specialised books and curated a number of exhibitions at the Louvre and other museums in France.

The National Museum of Archaeology has been hosting the De Valette’s dagger exhibition for the last six months.

De Valette’s daggerDe Valette’s dagger

This prestigious artefact, on loan from the Louvre Museum, returned back to Malta for the first time since 1798.

The lecture is being held tomorrow at the Gran Salon of the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta, at 6.30pm. Attendance is free of charge. For more information about Heritage Malta, visit: