Have you ever wondered why a dark room gets us all grumpy and why we suddenly lighten up when we walk into a bright, well-lit room?

Research conducted by the Institute for Experimental Psychology in Dusseldorf, Germany, confirms that light has a profound impact on our mood as well as on our health and well-being.

Institute researchers tested how subjects have a different reaction from two different light sources: halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. The subjects were asked to perform two tests: a colour discrimination test and a proofreading test under both light sources.

While subjects reported no discomfort caused by both light sources, data showed how halogen lighting is more appropriate for discriminating colours while compact fluorescent lighting was deemed better for proofreading.

Researchers at Ohio State University took this research further and explored how different light colours affect our mood at night. Research results showed how red is the least disruptive colour to use at night.

Light has a profound impact on our mood

On the other hand, blue and white light caused changes in the brain linked to depression. These results can have a profound effect especially for those who work night shifts or those who stay up late at night reading and watching television.


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