Some say it’s all about location, while others debate that it’s all about natural light. However, when it comes to property, nothing beats a stunning view. An interior plays a pivotal role that can either detract or enhance from the view that a property enjoys. So how do you go about welcoming that vista inside?

Whether you built your home from scratch or have moved into an existing building, the framing of a view is only half the work. To really capture the essence of a panorama, the interior of a room also needs to be considered.

There are several ways to do this. A bare and simple interior can work towards keeping the focus on the outside and is perhaps the most straightforward solution. However, it is by no means the only solution.

Malta has a colour palette which is inherently Mediterranean. These hues come from the landscape, the light and the sea. There are a handful of varied vistas which are predominant on the island: sea view, country view and city view.

One approach, perhaps the most successful, is to mimic colours, textures and patterns that are similar to the landscape. This will highlight the outdoor elements and extend your view to the indoors. One way to do this is to pick the most vibrant colour in your landscape and use it as an accent colour for throws, cushions and accessories. Find the right balance so as not to overwhelm the space and in turn mask the view.

This interior frames the outdoors and further enhances the view by adding another dimension through the use of the texture of stone cladding.This interior frames the outdoors and further enhances the view by adding another dimension through the use of the texture of stone cladding.

Sliding or fully retractable glass doors also allow you to fully enjoy your view by opening up a room and giving your interior the added bonus of spaciousness. Glass furniture is also a great tool as it leaves your view unobstructed, adding a sense of openness.

Glass is also great for bouncing light off surfaces. Strategically placed mirrors can reflect a view which is angled, allowing you to enjoy the view from an otherwise awkward angle. The key with designing for a view is balance. Too much and you mask the view, too little is safe but can be monotonous once the curtains are drawn. The reward once you successfully design an interior around your view is a feeling that the outdoors is an extension of your interior. The walls will then visually fall away.

Davina Preca is an interior architect and designer.


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