The Malta Karate Federation (MKF) have just held their first Complete Self Protection (CSP) seminar which was staged at the Coastline Hotel in Salina Bay.

The seminar was directed by the internationally-acclaimed founder of CSP and Fifth Dan, Al Peasland.

The objective of the seminar was to provide effective self-defence skills in a fun and safe environment and bring out the effectiveness of applied karate. The seminar was open to both children and adults.

Sessions for youngsters were fun and full of energy, covering such drills as power slaps and multiple assailant drills. The children were introduced to the grappling game through movement and safe get-up drills, defending from the floor, reversals and escapes.

All these drills were nicely tied up together at the end as part of an overall master plan focusing on safe escape and avoidance of trouble.

The seniors’ training was equally interesting with the first session covering self-protection concepts and single and multiple attackers survival drills.

The second training session delved deeper into the different arts, reflecting Peasland’s extensive training background.

A series of drills covering distance closure, vertical grappling and working from the clinch with escapes and finishes from this position were also examined.

The seminar was well received by all participants who showed enthusiasm, energy and eagerness to learn and absorb as much as possible.

In a statement, the federation said Peasland was impeccable in his delivery, his relaxed attitude and technical expertise, spiced up with humour and motivation that provided the ideal learning environment.

The federation added that they intend to continue building on this seminar as the material covered compliments nicely the other technical work that the MKF covers.

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