Do you have a scrapbook? Of course you don’t – gone are the primary school days when you would spend your evenings cutting and pasting magazines and getting your fingers stuck with glue.

But when designing or redecorating your house, a scrapbook is the best tool you can invest your time in. Part mood book, part inspiration index, a scrapbook will help you feed off other people’s ideas, mix them with your own and dish out some eclectic designs for your home.

Of course, you don’t actually need to put together a physical scrapbook. There are thousands of websites dedicated to interior design and all you need to do is browse and add to your favourites. Here are our top 10 must-visit websites for ideas.

Frequently described as the Wikipedia of interiors, is probably the largest online repository of home improvement ideas. At the last count, the Houzz database contained more than a million photos. For ease of use, these are categorised by room and by style. Go through the photos and create an idea book with your favourite photos.

True, envy is one of the seven deadly sins. But when it comes to interiors, a little envy goes a long way. is an easy-to-use blog which focuses on gorgeous interiors. The categories say it all: desirable dining, beautiful boudoirs and cool kitchens. If you have the budget, this website gives you plenty of rich ideas.

This website does have the tendency to walk on the wild side. In fact, the latest posts include ideas on how to build an armchair with a bed attached to it, cover one side of your house with mirrors, and create a giant bird nest to sleep in. However, it does keep its feet on the ground with some pretty precious ideas for your home and garden. There is also a good DIY section for some pleasant Saturday mornings.

Like all blogs, Brightbazaarblog does tend to get a bit personal. After all, that’s the whole idea of a blog: to publish whatever you like. Thankfully, Mr Bazaar has some bright ideas. And “bright” is the operative word here because the main focus of Brightbazaarblog is colours: pastel painted facades, bright walls and colourful furniture. White certainly doesn’t live here.

Featuring beautiful homes, is a great opportunity to take a sneak peek into other people’s homes. Modern kitchens, beautifully upholstered armchairs, heavenly designed gardens: they’re all here. This website isn’t dedicated solely to interiors: there’s a bit of fashion and lifestyle thrown in as well.

Inspiration is beautiful because it hits you when you least expect it. is a bit like that too. The photo collection of rooms, doodles, typography and styling are apparently random, but in reality, they aren’t: they’re categorised in an intelligent way that will work wonders with your imagination. You can also save your favourite collections to find them easily later.

The clue is in the title: sponge. This website is intended to help you absorb ideas from other people’s homes and make them your own. The owners will not mind though – in fact, most of them are interviewed and give tips on how to recreate their look.

Does just what it says on the label: give you an exciting collection of prints and patterns. If you want to liven up your walls, soft furnishings, tableware and illustrations, this site has your name on it.

This website is proof that, no matter who you are or where you live, the web is the right medium for collaboration.

Created by a Canadian and an Australian who, by their own admission, have never actually met in person, showcases designs by some of the best architects around the world. Get inspired by beautiful houses.

Created by Seattle-based Stephanie Brubaker, this website stays true to its mantra: where practical meets pretty. Brubaker hones in on inspirational houses and asks their owners how they achieved the look.


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