Thousands recently travelled to Malta to compete in one of the most recognised and successful poker tournaments in Europe, The Battle of Malta.

This record-breaking event is only one among several others that Malta is hosting regularly. The business model is quite aligned to the hospitality ‘MICE’ segment, adding a significant spin-off to the local economy, especially hospitality, restaurant meals, transportation and other consumptions.

Portomaso Casino gained a reputation as one of the island’s most highly-esteemed establishments for poker entertainment, by building a long-term solid structure to cope with the tremendous efforts demanded by such events in terms of organisation, logistics and, above all, human factor.

Patrick Demanuele, COO at Tumas Gaming said: “Employees are an integral part of Tumas Gaming. We flew over 140 dealers for this event alone. This year, we have launched a new casino studio (Nordicbet/ Betsson) at Portomaso and two more are coming within months. Manning our projects will be our main challenge for 2018.”

By leveraging convergence between online and live gaming, Tumas Gaming established itself as a pioneer at offering comprehensive business solutions, boosting partnerships and opportunities for growth.

Following its expansion plan, Tumas Gaming just launched a new campaign aiming to recruit over 80 employees.

Gianfranco Scordato, executive director at Tumas Gaming, said: “This unprecedented recruitment campaign complements our overall talent development strategy, which goes beyond traditional recruitment. We are looking for individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic and committed to excellence. We will also spare no efforts in creating a new local base of gaming professionals. Our own internal training schools will offer an opportunity to those willing to learn and start an exciting career in gaming.”


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