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Following last year’s It is Loneliness that Makes the Loudest Noise album, Maltese electronic artist Sonitus Eco recently released a new collection of engaging aural sculptures.

Crafted in his own inimitable way, they pervade the senses through a blend of glitches, sombre sounds and dark ambience.

“The Past that was Embraced by Sorrow is a concept album with a rather personal touch to it,” the artist commented. “It is based around the concept that every human being has baggage that he or she carries around all of his or her life.”

Indeed, the music on this mini-album, released via Sardinian indie label Rohs (, is best experienced in an intimate environment; a quiet ambience that will enhance the depth and, at times, brittleness of Sonitus Eco’s sonic textures and explorations.

“My music is very personal; it is not aimed to be understood, but felt,” he explained. “On this album I explore experimentation through the use of various techniques on field recordings gathered around Malta, and the human voice.”

While an air of poignancy permeates the larger part of this album, the closing track, A Table, a Chair, a Bowl of Fruit and a Violin, is more of an ode to happiness, also reflected in its more pronounced rhythmic and melodic structure.

“The title is taken from a famous quote by Einstein, who once said: ‘A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?’ Wise words.”

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