Are you a parent of a little child who only wants to eat pasta? Who refuses meat, vegetables or fish in all shapes and forms? Who shuns even a spoon zooming about in manner of an aeroplane, unless it’s spaghetti, penne or farfalle?

Fear not. You are not alone. Lupettin, the little wolf, is just the same.

In the recently published book Lupettin iħobb biss l-għaġin Mama Wolf tries all sorts of nosh: meat and mushroom pie, rice with tomatoes, runner beans, peas, anything – but her little wolf presses shut his mouth tight and shakes his head, until one day, Papa Wolf has an idea. Lasagne! Finally there’s no more food tantrums.

Lupettin is the younger self of Lupu Lupettu, the hugely popular children’s character who is always up to some mischief or other. Parents love the books as much as children because the wolf stories always manage to somehow teach a lesson, in the funniest ways possible.

Every time we publish a Lupu title in Maltese it shots straight to the top of the children’s best-selling charts

Following the success of Lupu Lupettu, Merlin Publishers are launching two Lupettin titles translated into Maltese by Clare Azzopardi. Apart from Lupettin iħobb biss l-għaġin, there is also Hemm x’hemm fil-ġnien Lupettin? which is the perfect book for children who are being potty-trained.

Lupettin’s parents leave a potty in the garden and let him figure out what it is. Eventually, after several missed guesses, he gets it right and starts sitting on it proudly.

Both books are wipe clean, therefore ideal for messy hands and simply perfect for any accidents at the table, or while on the potty.

The books are also printed in sturdy padded hardback with rounded corners, making them even safer for playing. The books come with a European CE safety standard, with the attention to detail that readers and parents have come to expect from Merlin titles.

Written by French author Orianne Lallemand and cheekily illustrated by Eleonore Thuillier, the Wolf stories are an international hit with parents and children alike. Merlin Publishers director Chris Gruppetta said: “We’re proud to have brought the Lupu Lupettu character to Malta. Every time we publish a Lupu title in Maltese it shots straight to the top of the children’s bestselling charts. “The new Lupettin series will now be a delight to our youngest readers and their parents.”

Lupettin iħobb biss l-għaġin and Hemm x’hemm fil-ġnien Lupettin? are available from all bookshops or directly online from


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