I was lucky to have been born in the 1950s.I enjoyed the 1960s and 1970s but by the1980s I began to realise what we were doing to this little planet of ours and whether it was possible I could get off.

What on earth (no pun intended) will future generations think of us I cannot tell. But we should hang our heads in shame for every day we see further destruction of the land and pollution of the seas.

The other day, I experienced a sight that would have well been a scene from the battlefields of WWII in Triq l-Immakulata, between Cospicua and Fgura. There used to be about 35 trees there that appeared healthy but now we only have what we can see in this photograph.

Perhaps, somebody who carries weight wanted some logs for the fire to keep his feet warm in winter or maybe the trees were obstructing somebody’s view. Hopefully, I am wrong.