The University Students’ Council’s (KSU) Culture and Entertainment Office will be organising Kokka Night 2011 next Sunday at the Casino Maltese, Valletta.

Students can nominate their peers for several awards, including Kokka Akademika (academic owl), Kokka Innovattiva (innovative owl), Kokka Internazzjonali (international owl), Kokka Kulturali (cultural owl), and Kokka tas-Sena (owl of the year) by registering at

Nominations will open tomorrow and will be received until Friday.

This year’s event will also include the launch of the book Students’ Representation in the University of Malta – A History: 1901-1971, compiled by Prof. George Cassar.

This is a detailed account of the history of KSU through the years from its founding in 1901 by Sir Arturo Mercieca till the early 1970s.

This is a black tie event.


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