Q: I would like to know if there is a rule regarding the expiry of credit notes? I have a credit note from a local shop which does not have an expiry date written on it. The only date there is, is the date when I returned the original product. At the time, I had asked the seller whether there is a specific time period by when I should use the credit note and the seller specifically told me that the company’s credit notes do not expire.

I recently went back to this shop to use the credit note and was informed that I could not use it because too much time has passed. I don’t think that this is fair. What are my rights?

A: If, on the credit note given to you by the seller, there is no reference to an expiry date and there are no terms and conditions that refer to a specific period of time by when the credit note could be used, then legally the shop cannot refuse your request to use the credit note. If the seller insists you cannot use the credit note, you may lodge a complaint with the Office for Consumer Affairs.


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