First things first: the Samsung Galaxy 8 is one of the most beautiful phones around, with a 5.8-inch curved screen that is simply fantastic, offset by the three available slick colours: orchid grey, arctic silver and midnight black.

This makes the display one of the most effective and functional.

Stretching from edge to edge with just the hint of a bezel, the Galaxy 8’s display screams “classy”.

But the Galaxy 8 is not just a pretty face – it scores high points in battery life, wireless charging, speed and water-resistance, with an external storage slot that allows you to store more photos, videos and music. The 12MP camera and advanced processor takes sharp, clear photos faster than ever before. Moreover, the Galaxy 8 showcases Bixby, Samsung’s new intelligent interface that helps you navigate easily through apps and services.

Samsung made a huge effort with this phone – indeed, the Galaxy 8 has the very clear mission or restoring buyers’ confidence after the Note 7 disaster.

There is just one minor snag – the fingerprint reader is awkwardly placed and leads to camera smears and longer unlock times. But other than that, it’s one great phone that might just offset the Note 7 debacle.


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