Near Spinola Bay, on the hill leading to the Regional Road, there is a new, “prestigious” building complex called Spinola Park.

The other day, I had a look inside the reception area. On a wall near the reception desk, on a sheet of paper (rather than on a permanent sign), there were listed the names of several firms. They were all online gambling firms.

It was lunchtime and all I could see were shabbily-dressed foreigners in their 20s and 30s coming in and going out of the building. In my neighbourhood, there are a couple of self-styled ‘electronics’ firms. On their front door, they have a sign which says: “Looking for an internship?”. These firms expect young people to work for them without pay. The tired-looking young people I see working all day long in front of computers, as I walk past one of these offices, are all foreigners.

In my apartment building, my neighbour until recently was a young man from Romania. He left after six weeks because the firm he worked for went out of business. 

I get the impression that the young foreigners who have inundated St Julian’s, “thanks” to our membership of the EU, have to toil like white-collar slaves in a free-for-all, fly-by-night business environment.

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