The owner of a field where the bodies of three murdered men were found witnessed one of the killings and even dumped the victim’s bones in a pile of manure, a court heard yesterday.

The man, Alfredo Attard, who has yet to be charged over his involvement, is in a very bad state of health and receiving chemotherapy, police inspector Fabian Fleri said.

Mr Attard’s involvement emerged after one of the alleged killers, Ronald Urry, admitted to his role in the murder of 27-year-old taxi driver Matthew Zahra, Police Sergeant Andrew St John told the court yesterday.

Mr Zahra’s remains were found in Mr Attard’s field in Birżebbuġa last July, when they also discovered the bodies of convicted drug trafficker Mario Camilleri, known as l-Imnieħru, and his 21-year-old son, Mario Jr.

The only remains discovered of Mr Zahra, who went missing a year earlier, was part of a foot but investigators established he was the victim through DNA testing.

The police charged 39-year-old Jason Galea with murdering the Camilleris and Mr Zahra, while Mr Urry was charged with the murder of the latter.

Taking the witness stand, PS St John said he was instructed to take Mr Urry to the scene of the crime so he could show police his movements on the day of the killing.

The accused said that on the day, Mr Galea picked him up and took him to the Birżebbuġa field where he met Mr Attard. They had already dug a shallow grave.

Eventually, Mr Galea left with his car and returned accompanied by Mr Zahra, and Mr Urry, who was hiding behind a rubble wall, leapt up and shot him through the car window.

Mr Attard, who stood a few metres from the scene, then helped the two drag Mr Zahra’s body from the car and buried him.

During the investigation, police spoke to Mr Attard, who said that following the murder, he had dumped the remains and bones of Mr Zahra into a pile of manure in the field, PS St John said.

In a previous sitting, the police said Mr Galea told them he had killed Mr Zahra because he was blackmailing him with a compromising photo and exorbitant loan repayments.

In separate proceedings, Mr Galea also stands accused of murdering the Camilleris.

Another man, George Galea, 41, of St Julian’s, is also denying his part in the murder.

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