Kirkop became a parish in 1592. The parish church which had been built at the turn of the 16th century was enlarged between the years 1706-1779. The two belfries were further added in 1800.

Bishop Labini consecrated the church on November 10, 1782, dedicating it to St Leonard de Noblat.

The humble and balanced fa├žade of the church consists of three equal bays, with the outer two set backs.

The main portal sits within two small pilasters and crowned by a curved pediment. Further above is a large stained glass window with a cartouche on the lintel. Both of the lateral bays are plain and identical, having pilasters on each side. There are two large stone statues on pedestals just in front of each bay. A wide entablature runs across the top serving as the base of the belfries with a triangular pediment above the central bay.

The two transepts consist of small doors similar to the main portal but with broken triangular pediments.

Above each door is an empty niche and a stained glass window further above. Both transepts have a small dome identical to the main dome.

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority scheduled the parish church as a Grade 1 monument on August 26 as per Government Notice 782.


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