Citroen is premiering at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show a New-Generation SUV: C5 Aircross. Directly inspired from the Aircross Concept, unveiled in Shanghai in 2015, it mixes an asserted design with an interior space focused on the well-being of each passenger.

With its flowing and muscled bodylines, the new C5 Aircross imposes its natural difference: a unique stance, conveying energy and self-confidence. With generous dimensions for all passengers, it benefits from the highest level of technology aiming to ensure a modern and global approach of comfort.

C5 Aircross is a big milestone in the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme with the World Premiere of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension, delivering a unique smooth comfort of suspension.

Scheduled for launch in China in the second half of the year, and at the end of 2018 in Europe, the new C5 Aircross is a major asset in Citroen’s international offensive in 2017.

Following the C-Aircross Concept presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, heralding the C3 Aircross SUV in Europe for the end of 2017, Citroen is continuing its offensive in the SUV segment with the global reveal of the new C5 Aircross. Targeting global markets, this SUV marks a new stage in the deployment of the brand’s product strategy. The SUV trend has swept the world to account for almost one-quarter of global vehicle sales today. SUVs meet universal expectations in an aspirational and strong way, suggesting freedom and reassurance and relying on evocating and clearly defined markers, such as large wheels, muscled and protective design and this king-of-the-road feeling.

Citroen gets into this trend that is bringing growth in every market in complete harmony with its own DNA.

Attentive to the expectations of customers who no longer want to sacrifice convenience to image alone, Citroen is paving the way for a new generation of SUVs with more personality and ease of use for all passengers while maintaining all the conventional cues. With this car directly inspired from the Aircross Concept unveiled two years ago in Shanghai, the Brand is once again demonstrating its capacity to make a statement of its unique identity and to renew established cues in any segment: Citroen offers here a real signature in the universe of SUVs.


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