The Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, the first edition of our latest event, is on the books for November 1-2. Blockchain represents one of the most promising disruptive technologies we’ve seen in a long time, and Malta is positioning itself to be a primary player in this potential tech revolution. The public sector is doing its bit, but private enterprise will necessarily play a crucial role, whether it springs from local investment or is attracted from overseas.

This is where we come in. We hope the Malta Blockchain Summit will help give Malta added appeal, and give our budding blockchain tech community roots, a centre of gravity.

The Maltese Government is being very proactive in making Malta the ideal place for blockchain tech to find a home, and eventually flourish. Our goal is to be equally proactive in supporting this emerging branch of the tech industry. The necessary legislative process isn’t over, but we’re not waiting around idly. There’s a lot of organisation and investment that go into creating an expo that can match our ambition, and that means we had to take the leap and get started.

Malta is on track to be a pioneer in regulating DLT and blockchain tech. We created this show to complement what the government is doing. The industry needs a platform, and we intend to shine a light on its current state, as well as its immense potential. If even half of its potential applications come good, we’ll be looking at a quantum leap in its value.

Blockchain has widespread potential applications, including in finance, healthcare, energy and entertainment. These four sectors, which stand to experience a great deal of disruption as blockchain technology hits its stride, have also been chosen to anchor the four conferences we have going on with the expo.

The show will follow the basic formula that has proven so successful for SiGMA, in essence. As ever, we give our attendees ample opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. We’re trying to replicate the success of SiGMA’s Start-Up Pitch with a similar concept for ICOs. That should be worth the price of admission on its own.

The dynamics of the industry are changing and we’re starting to see the potential of larger enterprises jumping into the ICO fray. The emerging Maltese legal framework to cover DLT and blockchain should create an ecology that leads to growth in the sector. We’ve pulled this off successfully, as a jurisdiction, for iGaming. There’s no reason why Malta can’t also be a natural destination for blockchain-centric businesses.

On our part, we’re investing very heavily in this show. We’re attending all the conferences, and we’re going after the very best speakers out there, the best ICOs. We’re not reacting to local developments as they happen, we’re pre-empting them. The fact that Malta is embracing blockchain as a jurisdiction, and committing so much attention to it, justifies the risk involved. We’re sparing no expense and really jumping in with both feet. Hopefully, we’ll be able to extend our purple patch and help Malta’s blockchain family find its centre.

Eman Pulis has made a name for himself with the SiGMA family of iGaming events. The flagship show has grown at an exponential rate and continues to break attendance records every year. Now, the same team behind this breakout success is getting involved in blockchain tech.

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