Honda has revealed a revolutionary new micro commuter vehicle created using 3D printing.

Unveiled at the CEATEC show in Japan, the vehicle has been produced through a partnership between Honda and Kabuku Inc. It is based on a design model that uses the idea of a variable design platform, allowing for numerous other body styles and shapes to use the same basis.

It will be used by the Japanese confectionary company Toshimaya Corp. to deliver its famous shortbread.

3D printing has been used to create the exterior panels and luggage spaces

Not only is the creation of the vehicle itself done through cutting-edge technology, but its powertrain is equally up-to-date. Powered by Honda’s micro EV technology, it has a range of around 80 kilometres, making it perfect for delivery runs.

Using a chassis of pipe framing, 3D printing has been used to create the exterior panels and luggage spaces. Although Honda currently manufacturers other micro electric vehicles, this one differs in its ability to offer space for both the driver and a reasonable amount of cargo.

Using a high-power electricity supply, it can be charged in under three hours. Using a conventional outlet will increase this time to under seven hours.


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