Power outages are the Achilles heel of every serious gamer. It doesn’t matter if you are playing single-player or multiplayer games, a sudden blackout or power surge is a likely source of unnecessary frustration and anger.

The uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from PowerWalker provide the necessary protection for your equipment and ensure power continuity in the heat of the moment.

Professional gaming devices are becoming more sensitive and even very small power outages lasting milliseconds may interrupt your gaming experience. Hours of progress might be lost, preparations go to waste and might not only affect you, but your whole team. It is especially frustrating because blackouts happen without warning and there is nothing you can do once it occurs. Why not save yourself the trouble and be prepared?

The UPS solutions of PowerWalker are specifically designed to counteract these problems. They fulfill two critical functions. First, the UPS serves as an emergency power generator, which provides power to all connected loads (via batteries) during sudden blackouts. This ensures either a smooth bridging of power problems or enables a safe and orderly shutdown.

Second, the UPS protects sensitive hardware and software against voltage fluctuations that may occur during irregularities of the mains supply. This way, loss of data, hardware problems and unnecessary wear can be prevented effectively.

While selecting a suitable UPS you should note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. UPS devices differ in many ways and are designed to work under different conditions.

As a gamer your primary concern will be the protection and continuity of your gaming PC, your router and your monitor. By doing so you will be able to bridge short outages and keep playing, or perform a safe shutdown during a longer interruption. Line-interactive UPS solutions up to 2000VA will offer a reliable power protection while also remain silent during standard operation.

PowerWalker UPS will safeguard your hardware and maximise your access to energy during your gaming sessions.


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