With the name sitting elegantly at the centre of its glass façade, NOOS attracts shoppers from all walks of life who cannot but fall in love not only with the layout and the interior décor of the store but even more with the latest trending collections and varied styles befitting the pockets of all. 

The unveiling starts from the basement with the five-year- old girl making her pick from the girl’s rail, together with her twin brother who long made his choice of clothes.

The showing continues to unfold with the cool female teenager and her young mother earnestly exploring every piece at the store’s entrance level, concluding at the top men’s floor where the classy father, together with the contrastingly modest gentleman nearing his pension, walk off stage with a selection of clothing without having hollowed their wallets.

Act two takes one back to the basement where one finds oneself in childhood years. Sitting comfortably on large puffy cushions, the children sit motionless enchanted by the animated movie on the large screen, with little worry to the mothers could not stop fretting around the voguish collection of bags and lingerie.

With no sense of doubt, their gaze could not fail to fall on the stunning stilettos standing on the shelves shouting without being heard: ‘You walk we talk’. 

Curiosity kills, and time on hands demands a run through the other settings. As they grant the wish the performers stroll ahead the long cemented walls exhibiting a runway of the most up-to-date, yet very much affordable, urban women brands with styles and fits for wearing and pairing with shoes, accessories and more. From early teens to the slim or plus-sized woman, the collections match up their style. 

A total of150 square metres of male territory, housing a measureless mix of shirts and tops, chinos and jeans, wallets and bags, underwear and footwear, cool and casual or informal smarts, the selection of brands is sure to complete any wardrobe at surprisingly modest prices of men’s wear.

(Content provided by NOOS)


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