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Taking risks is part of life for Aaron Ciantar, who has been racing some of the most powerful racing machines in the world for most of his adult life.

Ciantar took up powerboat racing competitively in 2004.

“That year we had the opportunity to participate in the world championship, which came to Malta for the first time and we were competing as a wild card entry,” Ciantar says.

Alina Anisimova and Aaron Ciantar.Alina Anisimova and Aaron Ciantar.

“We placed second and from that moment we never looked back.”

Ciantar became the world champion in 2008 when racing the Chaudron 41 built by his family-run boat-building business.

Since that first victory, he has won the world title a staggering five times.

Last year brought another breakthrough for Ciantar as he came back to Malta from the Grand Prix of Italy with his fifth Powerboat World Champion title.

While Ciantar keeps proving himself on the world stage, it is even more impressive that he has begun a new era of powerboating in Malta.

This year, the powerboat fans have an incredible chance to see the high-performance powerboats in action at Voomquest, which is the new exciting motor racing and lifestyle platform.

Spectators are given a vivid sensation of speed with a Formula 1-style approach while enjoying a spectacular panorama of the Mediterranean, as the event is based exclusively in Malta.

“Ciantar has not only turned his name into a brand, but also managed to do the same to his country,” Kevin Chircop, executive chairman of Enemed, says.

Even with all these challenges we did very well and the team is happy

“This is one of many reasons why we have decided to collaborate and become the main sponsors and official fuel partner of V2 powerboat championship,” Chircop adds.

While the Voomquest 2018 V2 International Powerboat Championship features nine races in total, the season has already kicked off with the first competitive action, which took place in March. Spectators had an amazing opportunity to see participants from Malta, France, and Belgium battling for the VQ flag.

“V2 class is already a major success. The weather wasn’t helping us, there was a lot of wind and rain, but even with all these challenges we did very well and the team is happy,” says Ciantar.

Photos: Mark Cassar, RedorangePhotos: Mark Cassar, Redorange

“The aim of the races held in March was to obtain the licence from the International Federation to organise such races. What I can say is that the officials were very impressed with the level of organisation even though we had to change the venue overnight due to the weather, which is not something that can be done easily,” says Chircop. “But the cooperation and support that we found from the authorities was incredible.”

It’s a long and expensive road to becoming a professional powerboat racer considering the maintenance of the boats and fuel costs. But the organisers behind the championship prove that powerboat racing – which is often branded as an elite sport – doesn’t have to cost a fortune. “It is extremely expensive, which often stops people from doing it, so that’s why I’ve built a brand new class for the championship,” Ciantar says.

Participants are racing the identical Chaudron SVR27 V2 Class boats.

“They are sustainable and affordable,” Ciantar says. The SVR-27 are designed locally by Chaudron with the idea to make racing sustainable for team owners and pilots.

“These boats use our product which is the e-power fuel. This was developed in-house with our own formulation,” says Chircop.

“We are happy with the leve of interest in the V2. Eventually, Enemed is also moving into drag racing and motorsport on land. So we will be providing another platform for the inland enthusiasts where they can perform,” he adds.

The second edition of Voomquest is fast approaching.

“There are already more boats and countries that will be competing, which is an amazing result for the second race, as we will have representatives from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Malta,” concludes Ciantar.


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