The two Tazza l-Kbira Championship semi-finals for class Premier trotters were the main attraction in yesterday’s 17th meeting of the season.

Qui Sait and Quefi Des Caillons were the winners in these two major races that were held on a long distance of 2,640m. Twelve trotters booked a berth in the final of this competition.

The first semi-final was contested between nine trotters.

Italian Overtaker By Sib (Marco Refalo) opened a small lead from Matrix Revolution (Noel Baldacchino), Cloria Victis (Michael Ellul) and Quiet Du Chene (Mario Fenech).

With 300m from the end, Overtaker By Sib ran out of steam and was overtaken by Qui Sait which registered its second win in a row.

Quiet Du Chene (Mario Fenech) placed second ahead of Vejby Boom (Carl Caruana) and Donald Duck Tooma (Caillin Borg).

Turnover (Frencu Cassar) and Quebir De L’Aube (Clint Vassallo) were the other trotters to make it to the final stage.

In the second Tazza l-Kbira semi-final favourite Quefi Des Caillons, under the guidance of Michael Ellul, notched its third consecutive win.

This French 12-year old trotter nosed ahead with a lap to go and fended off the challenge of Brigadoon (Rodney Gatt).

Uvario (Charles Debono), Nico Oland (Julian Farrugia), Quesito d’Or (Anton Cassar) and Ourasi Diams (Anthony Fenech) were the other trotters to progress to the final race which will be held on Sunday, April 24.

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Friday.

The first race should start at 7pm.

Yesterday’s winners

Race 1. Class Bronze – Quibus (Jason Cordina) – 1.19.5”
Race 2. Class Silver – 1. Quid Pierre (Cliferty Calleja) – 1.20.4”
Race 3. Class Bronze – Talion Prior (Cliferty Calleja) – 1.18.5”
Race 4. Class Silver – 1. Very Nice Seven (Charles Camilleri) – 1.17.4”
Race 5. Equality Tazza l-Kbira semi- final, Class Premier – Qui Sait (Rodney Gatt) – 1.16”
Race 6. Class Bronze – 1. Almondo Rich (Peter Paul Said) – 1.18.4”
Race 7. Equality Tazza l-Kbira semi-final, Class Premier – Quefi Des Caillons (Michael Ellul) – 1.17.6”
Race 8. Class Bronze – Rayon De Soleil (Mario Fenech) – 1.17.3”