“We are always facing risks... the risks are calculated.”

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi when asked about the risk of opening Malta’s embassy in Tripoli while fighting still rages on the city’s outskirts.

“A ridiculous statement.”

Integra Foundation’s Maria Pisani slamming comments that the Gad­dafi regime was the sole cause for irregular immigration, when war, poverty and conflict played a huge role.

“The government has to take concrete steps to lift the cloud of Lockerbie.”

Lockerbie campaigner Robert Forrester insisting that CIA files depicting Malta as a Libyan terrorist hub add little to what is known about the case and that the island had to work to clear its name.

“Your honour, fantasy is a crime.”

Lawyer Joe Giglio defending his client, accused of copyright breach for creating her own Playmobil scenes using other sets and joining international collectors by selling them as second-hand items on eBay.

“The message we are giving is that women are just eye-candy.”

American Muslim leader and magazine editor Tayyibah Taylor on how gender perceptions portrayed in the media led to the hyper-sexualisation of teens.

“I’m pleased to report a positive day.”

Arriva managing director Keith Bastow insisting the bus service is running smoothly in spite of incessant complaints from all quarters.

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