Thirty-eight local schools will be participating in the second year of the We Eat Responsibly project, which is being officially launched today – World Food Day – whose theme, announced by the Food and Agriculature Organisation, is ‘Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too’.

The project aims to change the way participants think about food, and to make students reflect on daily decisions that affect the provision and consumption of food and the impact these choices have on people’s health and that of our planet. Malta is represented in the project by Nature Trust Malta’s Ekoskola programme, and organisations from eight other EU countries are also participating.

The project was launched in June last year, and 14 local eco-schools were supported financially to hold activities on the theme of responsible eating. The work done by the schools during this phase revealed that the students’ perception of responsible eating has evolved from a simple concern about which foods are healthy to an understanding of what choices need to be made to promote the wellbeing of society and the global environment.

Training seminars were recently held for 48 teachers from 27 schools participating in the project. The teachers were updated on global food consumption issues and how these could be made relevant in the local context. They were also trained on the choice of tailored pedagogies to engage learners of different abilities, and on the appropriate use of resources and evaluation techniques.

The training sessions were led by Andrea Bullivant from Liverpool World Centre, UK, and Tereza Cajková from Glopolis, Czech Republic, and were held at Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre, Marsaxlokk. The project’s website was launched during the event.