Photo: Andrew RizzoPhoto: Andrew Rizzo

Moveo Dance Company is presenting its latest production El Tango this weekend at the Manoel Theatre.

As the title suggests, this year Moveo is bringing together the sensual dance of tango with contemporary dance.

Choreographer Dorian Mallia said: “Through time both styles have evolved and this connection is what drew me to delve into creating a contemporary tango movement.

“Seeing that both tango and contemporary dance have similar attributes when it comes to contact and improvisation, I fuelled these links as much as I drew them apart to create a language which I hope is unique to its style.”

The themes of love in all its different faces and temptation feature strongly in the production. According to Mallia, humans are all trapped in their very own love story; some triumph after falling for the forbidden fruit, whereas others resist or allow it to be their ultimate demise.

The performance is set to tango music by the likes of Astor Piazzola, among others. The music will be performed live by a group of talented musicians, carefully handpicked by the music director, Sarah Spiteri.

The production will premiere at the Manoel Theatre today, tomorrow and on Sunday at 8pm. Booking is available from

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