The Sacra Militia Foundation, a voluntary organisation which studies the military, naval and other aspects of the Order of St John, is organising a series of public lectures. The first talk will take place today at Casa Lanfreducci, the headquarters of the Maltese Association of the Order of St John in Valletta.

The speaker, Dane Munro, will speak about the founder of the Order, the Blessed Gerard. By approaching this topic from a different angle, Munro will present a number of new hypotheses related to the early days of the Order.

The talk will be held today at Casa Lanfreducci in Valletta between 6.30 and 7.30pm, with doors opening at 6.15pm. The members of the Sacra Militia Foundation and the public are invited to attend.  Entrance is free. RSVP at: Casa Lanfreducci is located at Jean de Valette Square, Valletta, adjacent to Our Lady of Victory church.


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