Eleven-year-old Sirocco De Line won the Assikura Championship final for Bronze Class trotters on a short distance of 2,140m, yesterday.

The final was part of the tenth meeting of the season, made up of ten races, all for trotters, which also included a Premier Class race that was won by favourite Overtaker By Sib.

Eleven horses lined up for the Bronze final. Zootaren (Noel Baldacchino) was the fastest horse at first, slightly ahead of Sirocco De Line (Neville Spiteri) and Charm Blou (Rodney Gatt).

But, towards the end of the race, Zootaren ran out of steam and Sirocco De Line (Neville Spiteri) outpaced Charm Blou to cruise to victory, the third in succession this year.

Charm Blou and Tavumm (Omar Cauchi) had to settle for second and third places respectively while Alexis Le Grand (Shaun Portelli) was fourth.

At the end of the race, Racing Club officials George Farrugia and Clayton Seychell presented the trophy to driver Spiteri.

In the Premier Class race, Marco Refalo put Italian trotter Overtaker By Sib in front with a lap to go. And Refalo’s trotter went on to seal its second win of the year from Rifi Nonantais (George Attard) and Nico Oland (Julian Farrugia).

Tanguy De Nappes (Ronald Cassar) finished fourth.

The Krafft Championship for Silver Class trotters resumed yesterday afternoon with races staged on a distance of 2,140m.

From the six heats in programme, 24 horses made it to the quarter-final stage.

The first two heats were won by Ultra Dag (Felix Casha) and Metallic Beat (Rodney Gatt). This latter trotter was winning its first race at the Marsa Racetrack.

In the third Silver heat, Pronger (Claudio Refalo) and Relinetcho (Noel Baldacchino) sprinted neck and neck in the final straight before the latter horse went on to register its second win of the year.

There was also a close finish between Italian Rodrigo (Mario Falzon) and French Uncle Ned (Noel Baldacchino) in the fourth heat.

The win  awarded to Rodrigo after the photo-finish was consulted by the race stewards.

In the next heat, French horse Uranus Du Lilas (Emmanuel Fenech) took its second win of the season while Suro Du Cornillet (Charles Camilleri) won the sixth and final heat for the class.

Another meeting at Marsa will be held on Friday. The first race starts at 1.15pm.

Winners at the Marsa racetrack

Race 1. Class Copper – Revenge Alone (Andrew Farrugia) – 1.20”
Race 2. Class Bronze – Panda Des Fleches (Chris Cassar) – 1.18.5”
Race 3. Krafft Championship Heat, Class Silver – Ultra Dag (Felix Casha) – 1.17.8”
Race 4. Krafft Championship Heat, Class Silver – Metallic Beat (Rodney Gatt) – 1.17.4”
Race 5. Krafft Championship Heat, Class Silver – Relinetcho (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.17.3”
Race 6. Krafft Championship Heat, Class Silver – Rodrigo (Mario Falzon) – 1.17.9”
Race 7. Assikura Championship final, Class Bronze – Sirocco De Line (Neville Spiteri) – 1.17.4”
Race 8. Krafft Championship Heat, Class Silver – Uranus Du Lilas (Emmanuel Fenech) – 1.18”
Race 9. Class Premier – Overtaker By Sib (Marco Refalo) – 1.16.2”
Race 10. Krafft Championship Heat, Class Silver – Suro Du Cornillet (Charles Camilleri) – 1.18.5”


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