Q: Five months ago I ordered solar panels from a local seller, who assured me that these would be delivered to me and installed on my property within one month. Unfortunately, to date, these solar panels have neither been delivered nor installed. Every time I call the seller I am told that they will be installed the following week but this never happens.

What are my rights?

A: If the agreed delivery date is written in the sales agreement, then you may opt to cancel the sale and ask for a full refund of any money paid. On the other hand, if the agreed delivery date was not written on the contract of sale then you will need to communicate with the seller in writing and request him to provide you with the solar panels by a specific date.

In the same letter you should also inform the seller that unless the date is honoured, you intend to cancel the contract of sale and request a full refund. Should you not manage to reach an amicable agreement with the seller, you may then lodge a formal complaint with the Office for Consumer Affairs.


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