Students at St Martin’s College, Swatar, recently enjoyed a festival of colour, dance, music and food in a celebration of international diversity.

A large number of students from different parts of the world attend the college – ranging from neighbouring countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Libya, to more distant countries such as Russia, China, Thailand and Australia.

International Day at the college is organised to encourage and promote different cultures and teach children to be appreciative of diversity. Students prepared a stand that exhibited food, flags and souvenirs related to their country of birth.

This was not only a festival for students, but also for parents, who helped in the food preparation, which was then shared with other students. Russian students danced a traditional dance accompanied by music from their country, while hockey was promoted at the Canadian stand.

Maltese students had the opportunity to exhibit their own projects related to the national poet Dun Karm, on the 50th anniversary of his demise.

The celebration of diversity and multiculturalism is an important component of the ethos of St Martin’s College.

By giving students of all nationalities the opportunity to showcase different aspects of their native culture, the college is underlining the fact that knowledge of other places, peoples and cultures encourages tolerance and appreciation of difference, both crucial elements of the holistic education that the college strives to achieve.