I would like to share a disappointing experience I had a few days ago in Gozo at Mixta Cave.

Since I’m happily married to a Maltese woman I frequently visit Malta. At the moment we are spending our summer holiday together with our two boys in Gozo.

Inspired by advertising we decided to visit Mixta Cave to enjoy the great view over Ramla Bay. It is definitely a great view and a very nice experience up there. But when I stood at the edge of the cave I was shocked. As I looked down I saw loads of rubbish, obviously thrown by people who were visiting the cave. I found this disappointing, disgusting and embarrassing.

There was the same thing at the parking area at Mixta Cave. Right beside a sign that says ‘In-Nadur Walk’ there was another pile of rubbish. To make matters worse I couldn’t find a single rubbish bin, not in the parking area and not in or around the cave.

What I don’t understand and what makes me both sad and angry is the fact that Malta and Gozo are advertised and marketed but then no one takes care of the places and beautiful spots. The result is that visitors leave with a bitter experience.

Unfortunately ,I have come across other instances of littering over the years in Malta and Gozo.

I first came to Malta in 1997 and then many other visits followed. I am fascinated by Malta’s great heritage and rich culture and, combined with beautiful bays and beaches and diving opportunities, this should make Malta a great place for a unique holiday. I have always told my friends that they should consider a holiday in Malta. However, considering what I saw at Mixta Cave, I’m actually struggling to do that.

Today the number of tourists coming to Malta is increasing but this will not be sustainable if things don’t change. If the situation remains the same, visitors will not return to Malta.


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