Melita have a beautiful advert in The Times offering a saving of €215 over 24 months to new customers with an internet speed upgraded to 15Mbps and free sports channels for almost five months. The offer to new customers is €26 per month. Looks good, does it not?

I have asked them why, when their current customers are paying €62.53 per month for similar packages minus the free sports offer and only 10Mbps internet speed. Surely existing customers who are being overcharged for their services in the first place should have this offer before anyone else! They are not only overcharged but have to put up with constant service interruptions and very poor virus protection from Melita.

All European charges are cheaper than Malta’s

Ask any Melita customer with broadband and I am certain almost every one of them will have had a virus/Trojan on their computer in the past couple of years, even with virus protection on their PCs.

To prove my point to them I quoted UK, France and Italian charges for very similar TV, telephone and internet bundles all with 20Mbps internet and free telephone calls at various times.

All the European charges – including the UK with Sky and BT at £26 per month, France €35 per month and Italy €39 per month – are there for all to see on the net.

Competition is required urgently to combat this local overcharging. The authorities should also intervene to stop them doing this to us.

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