Prof. Vytautas Siozinys recently delivered a lecture entitled ‘Software-based Solutions in the Renewable Energy Sector’ at the Malta College of Art, Science and Technology’s Institute of Engineering and Transport.

Prof. Siozinys is an associate professor at the Department of Electrical Power Systems at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. He is also owns and runs Energy Advice, a company that specialises in software products and training for engineers, and is the originator of the software package Energy Advice – Power System Modelling (EA-PSM).

Prof. Siozinys explained that EA-PSM software allows one to calculate current flows and voltage profile at different network states, evaluate losses, power quality problems and find the most economically feasible solution. Over the past few years he has trained employees in the energy sectors in Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Kazakstan and other countries.

During his visit he also met Mcast principal and CEO Stephen Cachia.


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