The apparition of the ‘Blue lady’, called so because of the blue dress she was wearing, occurred 100 years ago.

At that time, the Governor of Malta was Lord Paul Sanford Methuen (1915 – 1919) and the person who had seen the ‘Blue lady’ was Howard Jones, a staff member of Admiral Sir Arthur Gough-Calthorpe. They found the story in the diary of Capt. Robert Ingham, the governor’s aide-de-camp.

Ingham says in July 1917 that when Howard Jones went to the Verdala Palace for a weekend, he was allocated a small room with a window overlooking the ditch.

According to the diary note, a lady had appeared there before. Once, when Howard Jones was in front of the mirror doing his tie, he saw a lady dressed in blue walking behind him.

Sometimes, she was referred to as Is-sinjura tal-Verdala.

The story originates from a legend that a knight had fallen in love with a girl whom he took to the palace and never allowed her to leave. Then, one day, she jumped into the ditch and died.

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