I see that the teaching resource for the English language is being curtailed here because I imagine Jean Claude Juncker has determined that English is no longer relevant and, from now on, he will only be speaking French. In public, at least.

My advice is never to listen to European bureaucrats who earn £275,629 a year plus all the expenses the European gravy train offers the privileged few. Better to look at the economic facts, which confirm that Malta is the best working economy in Europe whose young people enjoy far better prospects here than in French-speaking France. Why? Because literacy in English is higher here than it is there and, indeed, in the UK. That literacy is the bedrock of future financial prosperity and any cost cutting will harm the Maltese economy.

Of course, Malta could bring in French-speaking teachers as Napoleon intended to do during his very short invasion of these islands over 200 years ago. However, that would do nothing to help the economy in the here and now.

It might, of course, help Juncker’s cheap propaganda tricks where insult and nonsensical commentary give succour to all who want the EU to fail.

So, please, keep teaching English in schools but never at the expense of the Maltese language.

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