When it comes to any sort of 4K display technologies, few companies can quite match the technical sophistication of LG and its manufacturing process. In addition, 4K PC monitors that can plug into thunderbolt ports are not exactly a common thing to encounter on the market and because of this, LG seems to have come up with a very robust solution for both Apple and PC users.

Perhaps this is why the Digital Cinema 31MU97 offers some distinct features that won’t be found on just any ultra HD PC monitor on the market today. Starting with a 31-inch ultra HD display with resolution that goes above and beyond the more conventional 3840 x 2160 pixels to an Adobe RGB colour spectrum coverage of a whopping 99.5 per cent, the 31MU97 is not your usual 4K PC screen and this fact makes itself known quite quickly when you get your hands on the device.

Add into the mix technologies an IPS display and a great set of connectivity ports. The ports include a DisplayPort 1.2 connection for transferring 4K graphics between PC and screen at a smooth, full 60Hz (60 frames per second) and the 2 HDMI ports for connecting other devices.

There are also four USB 3.0 connection ports and even a mini DisplayPort socket. Basically, the 31MU97-B is ready to let you do gaming, visual editing and general content viewing/browsing in full cinema grade 4K resolution at a full 60Hz. It’s also perfect for watching content and movies on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

Finally, we should also mention the fine overall design quality of the monitor. With a narrowly bezeled screen, minimalist but sturdy stand and matte black overall coloration, the monitor is not only sturdy but also surprisingly elegant, particularly for a PC screen, a piece of technology that all too often forsakes visual appeal for functionality.

The LG 31MU97-B 4K Digital Cinema is available from iCentre in Sliema, Valletta, Pieta, Birkirkara, Paola, The Point and Gozo. For more information visit www.icentre.com.mt or call on 2144 2123.


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