I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to identify which designer pieces to invest in and which to leave off your wish list so with that thought in mind, I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years:

Don’t get swept away by adverts – I’ve met many people who have spent a lot of money on bags and shoes and once they arrive, they realise that they don’t really fit in with their personal style. The thing is that, while platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great for finding out about new styles, they can also be bummers when it comes to your wallet. If you see your favourite blogger or influencer wearing something often enough, you might start to think that the bag that they are carrying (which in a normal situation you wouldn’t have looked at twice) is a must-have piece that you cannot live without. Of course, it’s only after you’ve spent hundreds of euros that you realise that this wasn’t your brightest moment.

Try to spend your cash on classic pieces which will stand the test of time and which don’t look like they form part of a fleeting fad

Do your research – This should go without saying but when it comes to spending any big amount you should always make sure that all your research bases have been covered. Find out about the dimensions of the item, request pictures of it both from the inside and the outside, compare it to other items you have, see if it actually fits in with others things in your wardrobe. The main problem with living on our island is that there are many things which we cannot just go and try on in the store, which means that we have to be extra careful when it comes to doing our research. If you are abroad and you know you want to purchase something big, try visiting one of the brand’s stores and ask to see the item. Most sales assistants will be more than happy to help and it will help you make up your mind.

Ask yourself: ‘Will I still love this piece in 10 years’ time?’ – While it’s true that our personal styles are constantly evolving and we cannot really say what we will like in two months’ time, let alone in 10 years’ time, if you’re about to put down a lot of money and have a limited budget, it’s not really the best time to experiment. Try to spend your cash on classic pieces which will stand the test of time and which don’t look like they form part of a fleeting fad. With that said, if there is a particularly trendy piece which you’re obsessed with and know will give you joy, don’t be scared to take the leap. After all, isn’t that what fashion is really about?


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