As in everything here in Malta, a problem surfaces in the media. Then follows a wastage of ink and time on TV and it eventually gets buried again as those at the top become ‘higher’ at the expense of others.

Month after month become year after year: one government after another left the shameful robbery of people’s land at Armier; the latest one was Lawrence Gonzi’s administration. The government of the day is probably afraid of losing some votes during the election but that is not an excuse. The land at Armier does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people of Malta to enjoy it and not grab it.

The people expect that those who are elected administer the common assets.

I am sure the Prime Minister will find the support of Alternattiva Demokratika and I agree with its deputy chairman, Carmel Cacopardo, who told Simon Busuttil to forget any deals that had been made so far.

According to what I read, Joseph Muscat does not have the will to accept this invitation. So I appeal to Busuttil to support the government so this prime land is returned to the people.

I am sorry to say that giving them an electricity meter does not show that the government is willing to eradicate this robbery but is more willing to be part of it.

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