Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar is organising a 90-minute tour of Vittoriosa’s religious heritage today at 7pm, led by Vincent Zammit.

The city was forever transformed by the arrival from Rhodes of the Knights of St John in 1530. The religious community already in existence there – the Dominican Order – found itself rubbing shoulders with Greek refugees who built their own churches. This led to an enriched religious heritage in Vittoriosa.

Participants on the trail will see what the people of the time would have seen – a convergence of religious lives, architectural styles and traditions, stretching up until the present, despite the ravages of time.

For more information, call 2010 6428 or visit the Facebook page https://facebook.com/events/128899397743302. Participants are to gather near the city’s main entrance today at 7pm. To reserve tickets, visit: https://ticketengine.faa.org.mt .


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