Two translations from Maltese into Esperanto have been published by the Malta Esperanto society.

The books are 200 Maltaj Proverboj kun paralela esperanta traduko/200 Qawl Malti, with a parallel translation into Esperanto by Carmel Mallia and Mi, Manwel Dimech, Mark Montebello, translated by Carmel Mallia.

The first is about 200 Maltese proverbs which Mallia chose to be most interesting to foreigners.

This publication begins with an introduction explaining the history and meaning of proverbs.

In this book, the translator published two poems by Ġorġ Pisani: F’Ħaġar Qim and Il-Ġgantija, both in Maltese and in Esperanto, because, according to Mallia, these verses form the ambience that could have started the baking up of proverbs in Malta.

At the end of the book, Mallia gives, only in Esperanto, a compendium of key-words for the easy finding of the proverbs according to subject.

The second book is a translation of the yellow book published by Fr Mark Montebello: Jien, Manwel Dimech.

The biography of both Montebello and Mallia at the end of the book continues to offer further information for esperantists abroad.

Mallia has included four pages with pictures, aphorisms by Dimech, the outer cover of Ivan u Praskovja, the emblem of the Xirka and excerpts of Il-Bandiera tal-Maltin.

If you would like to buy a copy of these books, you may contact Carmel Mallia on

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