Richard Elliot-Square, chairman of Transworld Plus, global financial technology market specialists based in London, is visiting Malta this week.

Transworld Plus has appointed Grant Thornton as corporate advisors to assist the company with its intentions to list on the new Prospects Exchange. The development of Prospects is in line with the MSE’s commitment to open up new capital market opportunities, create economies of scale and to afford businesses more competitiveness and sustainability.

Prospects creates an opportunity for SMEs to access capital markets relatively easily and efficiently, and to benefit from the advantages which, so far, have only been available to much larger entities.

Small and medium-sized businesses will now be able to raise capital by issuing bonds, issuing new shares, or selling existing shares to a pool of investors far greater than their own family or business partners.

In a tangible and practical way Prospects offers many businesses growth opportunities which have hitherto been simply out of reach. This new market has been designed specifically for SMEs and, therefore, reflects their particular needs and circumstances.

Transworld Plus will be raising funding in Malta and internationally to invest in fintech SMEs that are based both in Malta and abroad. The company specialises in connecting and optimising high-growth fintech companies.

In line with Malta’s position as an accredited centre of excellence and being an important gateway into the EU, Transworld is establishing an advisory board to include Maltese and UK experts to oversee potential investments.

Richard Elliot-Square has been involved in a number of Malta initiatives and represents both CSB Group and Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK.

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