An intrepid idealist was in Malta yesterday on the latest leg of his world-record attempt to become the fastest person to travel to every country.

I have been planning this trip for a few years and it is a logistical nightmare

David Medawar, 30, plans to visit all 195 sovereign states in less than a year to promote his radical “one world” vision.

“I want us to feel we are citizens of a united world,” he told Times of Malta as he blinked in the sunshine at Upper Barrakka Gardens yesterday.

“My plan is to bring this message to others and ask them what they think.”

Mr Medawar will present a self-designed “one world” flag to a chosen ‘ambassador’ from each country in exchange for a rock within its borders.

In Malta, he presented the flag to Nicholai Grech, who showed him around Valletta.

The two met at a friend’s wedding during the last time Mr Medawar visited Malta.

When his mission is complete, Mr Medawar will place a rock from each nation at the base of a tree that will be planted to symbolise his one world vision.

The tree’s location will be chosen through an online vote.

Malta was the 11th country Mr Medawar visited since he set off from London on May 25.

He planned to leave for Austria this morning before travelling through the rest of central Europe and on to North America.

“I have been planning this trip for a few years and it is a logistical nightmare,” he laughed.

Along the way he will be filming documentary footage of all the places he visits and the reaction of locals to his united world dream.

Mr Medawar admitted he was slightly apprehensive about visiting certain “hotspots”, such as Syria, Somalia and North Korea.

To break the world record, which currently stands at three years, three months and six days, he must enter each country legally and travel exclusively using scheduled public transport.

However, there is no minimum time limit that he has to stay in each state, meaning he will not have to linger in war-torn regions.

An Englishman with a Lebanese father, Mr Medawar previously worked for a business school in Dubai.

He estimated the trip would cost him in the region of €60,000.

About 60 per cent of the mission will be funded through his savings and the remainder through sponsorship.

He is also grateful to friends across the world who have offered him accommodation or logistical help.

Visit or for more information on the record attempt.