This year, Berger Flexible Roof Compound is celebrating its 30 years of existence on the Maltese market. The well-known product now boasts 30 years of having been tried, tested and proven successful by several customers on countless occasions. In celebration of this milestone, the Berger Flexible Roof Compound range now includes a clear coating option for external tiles, terraces and balconies.

Berger Flexible Roof Compound has been the solution to many winter leaks for a number of years. The household name has become an essential product for many once the first drops of rain hit the roofs of homes, hotels, churches and warehouses. The effective solution has gone through many trials internationally and the result is a waterproof product with exceptional water resistance.

The flexible, user-friendly product is easy to apply and does not require any maintenance. In fact, many clients opt to apply the product themselves with a simple brush or roller. Once recoated, the painted area will offer a long life protection against the elements. Berger Roof Compound will not melt in hot weather, does not need any solar reflective coatings and also offers a decorative finish with its range of colours.

Berger Flexible Roof Compound will simply put your mind at rest this winter.

Berger Flexible Roof Compound is available from all leading paint stores. For more information visit


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