John Azzopardi, ‘Lull after the storm’ (April 7), believes in God but not in gay marriage. He keeps saying that gay marriage is non-existent but the thing is this: we have still got no evidence that God exists but ample evidence that gay marriage does.

Azzopardi poses the question: “Why should predominantly Catholic Malta give way to such an awkward legislation?” Well, because this country voted predominantly Labour in the last election and the Labour Party said that it would introduce the Civil Union Bill for gay folk too. Simple as that.

Azzopardi goes on to say that it “will offend people of goodwill” but I seriously doubt that people who are truly of goodwill mind at all. On the contrary, we’ll be throwing confetti, popping open the bubbly, raising our glasses and expressing nothing but joy and happiness for every new couple because love’s the only engine of survival. Live and let live!