Parfois has launched its spring-summer campaign – which makes one stop and think about the labels we apply throughout our lives.

A modern vision of the world and of what it means to be a woman, the campaign seeks to break boundaries and follow the concepts of freedom and strength in the face of preconceived ideas, pre-designed spaces and generalisations which limit us.

Who hasn’t applied labels to people, things or situations? The slogan for the brand’s summer campaign is ‘Undefined is my definition’. After all, each one of us is many things at the same time. Last winter Parfois focused on expressing ‘me’; this season it seeks to break stereotypes and traditions through Rodrigo Carmuega’s photographic lens, with Porto de Leixões as its backdrop.

Brit Vandervoort, the campaign’s leading model, represents the woman who seeks to differentiate herself as a unique being – through de-contextualisation and breaking boundaries (be they social, moral, stylistic or preconceptual) ,which in the past determined where, when and how one should be as a woman.

These days, she turns up at weddings in bright red, sunbathes on her balcony and wears flowers in her hair. She gives a new meaning to everyday objects and situations and puts them to a different use based on what makes sense to her in her daily life, without thinking about what others might say.

This woman creates a new, more peculiar and unique world around her, bringing together weird and wonderful elements: a mixture of past and present, art and nature, sport and sophistication.

This experimental nature which seeks new paths is also present in the brand’s spring-summer 2018 collection, which brings us unexpected combinations, mixing styles that represent an eclectic vision of the world and, consequently, of fashion.

Styles which are worlds apart, like sporty and ethnic, are brought together and bring life to items one would want to wear all throughout the season. Tassles and ethnic motifs on backpacks and purses bring a cool side to minimal and simple outfits. Natural tones are fused with bold colours for tropical inspired prints.

Practical accessories are easy to use – like purses, backpacks and bomber jackets, alongside high heels, mules and kitten heels; items in minimal lines and cool and light fabrics that contrast with denim jackets and fanny packs. The idea is for each one of us to feel free to create and experiment with different styles and choose what we like best for each occasion.

This freedom arises from our ability to say no to the rules, creating our own unique self in the world, giving us the courage to be who we are and to dress in our own way every day. The most unexpected combinations can bring about the coolest and most inventive outfits. This is where each one of us has the space to be in the world, in our own unique way.

Parfois is locally represented by Arkadia Marketing Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mizzi Organisation. Stores can be found in Republic Street, Valletta; Arkadia Commercial Centre in Victoria; and now at The Point, Sliema.


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